profile 1Her whole life, Laura has found both joy and comfort in making music.

In her earlier albums, “Lullabies,” and “Photographs,” she shared her passion through evocative and delicate melodies, that garnered critical acclaim, along with being licensed on two national television shows.

Laura never planned on taking a break from songwriting, but life is unpredictable, and for many months a throat condition took away her voice. It was a time of pain, sadness and loss. Her creative spirit, her very identity, had always begun with her music. In that absence, Laura not only found space to breathe and grow as an artist, but also to begin a family.

Laura now writes and sings with her two sweet daughters in tow. There is new inspiration for music in their smiles, in the few minutes stole away in the studio during nap-times, and in the kindness and love of her husband Doug, a talented musician and composer.

With “Arrow to the Sky,” Laura sings with a raw voice that is born in the empty spaces where life seems uncertain. The haunting melodies, thick with natural imagery, draw a picture of a time long passed. It is a letter to all who create, to come unadorned and unearthed, and to start from within. For that is where there is history, love, and pain, and that is beautiful.



-Karen Kaufman, 2014