I have felt this stirring in my soul lately that there was more I’m meant to do, to create. I have wrestled with what others will think or how they will respond to my dreams, and have had to come to the conclusion again and again that I’ve got to do my thing! You can do your thing, too! As we create a few minutes here and there the path will light up with endless possibilities.  I just picture fraulein Maria and the confidence seems to flood in for the next step!

Don’t get me wrong – it’s work! Time management is my latest goal. To give you a glimpse of my process, my house is pretty messy after Christmas travels and we are about to go again.  Sometimes I look at house cleaning/organizing like I’m filming a movie: “Take one, action!”  As I dive into a task, I like to imagine I’m a superhero who is there to save the day! I scrub things really hard, jumping from one scene to the next. There is something in my heart that longs for our environment to not only be clean, but lovely and beautiful!  I find a lot of joy in creating that, but have to guard against the constant demand of the cleaning list! If I’m not careful I can overlook these precious God-given passions of the heart, allowing them to lay dormant and untouched, suffocating for lack of air and light. Our dreams need to be where we can see them and daily put intention into their process. Sometimes we’ve got to kick that cleaning list to the curb – you deserve the time and space for those things that make your heart sing!

So what are your dreams?  What ideas are lingering in the back of your mind that you have yet to bring to surface so they can breathe and be talked about?  I’m currently trying to be an intentional mama/songwriter/music promoter/DIYer of homemade makeup, and creating a business that I hope to share with my girls for many years.   These are the ideas that are occurring to me right now!  What is occurring to you? What are your worries/fears in moving forward? What are you able to do right now towards building your dreams? I like to put together a team of friends to share my ideas with. I’ll call these friends my dream builder team, folks who don’t mind to dive into the brainstorming process with you. Having a support system is so helpful to push you further and lead you out of your own comfort zones.

I imagine a thread getting caught on a hook; so often those stopping points are places where we just want to quit.  Imagine if when the day is long, we could take a beat, allow a night to sleep on it, knowing that with a dawn of new morning we will renew our strength to try again –  welcoming what each day brings as a gift.  Disappointments can become propellants towards a spirit of longevity and a determined mind – a challenge to grow and reach. I long for this attitude for myself, but I really want to model this for my girls! These goals require huge doses of grace for ourselves and others. I’m a huge fan of letting the cleansing tears flow in those weary moments. Weary moments are inevitable. Thank goodness for warm cups of tea and new mornings!  

I hope that we could all take some quiet space to gather up what is most important and start to create a plan towards our visions and dreams; keeping a flexible heart in the process.  I can picture the Grand Painter giving us the brush and saying: “It’s free style time!”  

I’m so thankful we can share this path together – blessings on your dreams, friends!!!  And thank you for stopping by to be a part of mine:) Happy New Year!!!  

“ No fears, my love – blossom my dear! “