I’m really proud to share my sweet husband’s new project Fear and Curiosity.  I couldn’t do what I do without the amazing talent and insight of this man, Douglas Kaufman.  I love him sooo much! He has inspired me to become a curious soul and keep my eyes and mind open to learning new things all the time!  He intrigues me – always researching and growing.

He is very calm, thoughtful, methodical in his creative process.  I watch him diligently move forward every day with new ideas and visions. It’s relaxing to sit with him in the studio while he tries out several musical directions and processes.  He has taught me the beauty of the process, the journey of creating.  You never know what you will find until you try and then try again.

I’m beyond blessed to have this talented, caring composer to paint beside me as I sit with my words and then rise to stomp out the beat in my head.  Thankful everyday for the gift of collaborating with my best friend.   Excited to grow old creating with him..and did I mention he’s really cute?  hehe